David Horvitz

Art in America: A Day at the Beach, Walking with David Horvitz

June 28, 2017 - David Matorin

On the morning of June 10, as part of the group show "Paratextual," curated by Asha Bukojemsky at Samuel Freeman Gallery in Los Angeles (May 13–June 17), the LA-based artist David Horvitz led an off-site excursion to a public beach in Rancho Palos Verdes. A live addendum to his work Public Access (2010–11), which is included in "Paratextual," the artist guided a group of about twelve participants on a walk-and-talk to one of the beaches he photographed in the original project.

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Review: The Daily Beast

July 15, 2016 - Blake Gopnik

"These two iPhones are all there is to “The Distance of a Day”, an installation by the young Brooklyner David Horvitz that I just saw at the Art Basel fair, in the booth of Berlin’s Chert gallery. Last February, Horvitz got his mom to record a video of the sunset over the sea near Los Angeles, where he was born and grew up. At the same moment that she was taping, he was at a point almost opposite her on the globe, in the Maldives, taping the same sun as it rose."

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Feature: Observer Culture

May 5, 2016 - Ryan Steadman

Frieze Projects at Frieze New York 2016

May 4-7, 2016

“The mystery person we’re looking for is actually an art piece—a professional pickpocket (or more accurately, a ‘slight-of-hand expert’) that the artist hired to secretly accost fair visitors. But the catch? Instead of taking valuables from Frieze guests, Mr. or Ms. X will be gifting them small sculptures designed by Mr. Horvitz in an edition of 1000.”

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Feature: The Standard Culture

May 5, 2016 - William J. Simmons

"At the bottom of artist David Horvitz’s website, there is a ubiquitous PayPal button accompanied by the text, “For $1 USD I will think about you for one minute. I will email you the time I start thinking, and the time I stop.” It sounds absurd, of course. Why would anyone pay Horvitz for something so inherently and self-consciously intangible? And yet, I couldn’t help but feel a strange emotional resonance for that unassuming PayPal button, and the artist’s promise to think about me—not to think lovingly or positively about me—but specifically about me, for one minute."

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Feature: The New York Times Style Magazine

May 4, 2016 - Emily Spivack

"In this series for T, the writer and author of “Worn Stories,” Emily Spivack, interviews creative types about their most prized possessions. For the artist David Horvitz’s much anticipated commissioned work at this year’s Frieze New York, a professional pickpocket will work in reverse, secretly depositing mini sculptures into fairgoers’ pockets and bags. Here, Horvitz reflects on the art of giving things away, as art — and perhaps his oldest personal object: his orthodontics."

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Feature: The Wall Street Journal

May 4, 2016 - Andy Battaglia


Frieze Projects at Frieze New York

May 4-7, 2016

“Visitors to the Frieze New York art fair might want to watch out for close encounters of the pickpocket kind.

Or not—since failing to elude the perpetrator in the act might lead to scoring a free artwork.

The work will be a small metal sculpture by the artist David Horvitz. And the delivery system, during Frieze’s run this Thursday through Sunday on Randall’s Island, will be a pickpocket hired to covertly circumnavigate the fair, dropping art into unguarded pockets and bags.”

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Interview: Art Forum

March 17, 2011 - Lumi Tan

DH: “I’VE TRAVELED SINCE I GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL, and somehow that’s contributed to my suspicion that it’s actually become my work. When I was growing up this tendency to move around seemed to be related to a sense of restlessness or boredom. But now it is more about movements, routes, and channels of distribution. Though there is still the sense of wonder that is always there.”

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