Twenty/20: Film Series


JULY 22 - AUGUST 19, 2017

Opening Reception
Saturday, July 22, 2017 | 6-9pm 

All videos will play in sequence during the reception.

Twenty/20 brings together twenty videos by twenty artists and film makers for a month long exhibition. Featuring a new artist everyday from July 25 - August 19, each work will play on a loop from the time the gallery opens and until it closes. The works in this exhibition critically approach elements from the human and natural world such as the ocean, sunshine, memories, and seasons. 

  1. Tuesday, July 25Jesse McLean
  2. Wednesday, July 26George Legrady
  3. Thursday, July 27Manny Krakowski
  4. Friday, July 28Chip Lord
  5. Saturday, July 29Bruce and Norman Yonemoto & Jeffrey Vallance
  6. Tuesday, August 1Lilja Birgisdóttir
  7. Wednesday, August 2Adam Berg
  8. Thursday, August 3Alexander Paul Stevens
  9. Friday, August 4Kevin Cooley
  10. Saturday, August 5Kristoffer Borgli
  11. Tuesday, August 8Chris Smith
  12. Wednesday, August 9Clarissa Tossin
  13. Thursday, August 10Guido van der Werve
  14. Friday, August 11Joseph G. Cruz
  15. Saturday, August 12McLean Fahnestock
  16. Tuesday, August 15Alex Slade
  17. Wednesday, August 16Jennifer Vanderpool
  18. Thursday, August 17Virginia Lee Montgomery
  19. Friday, August 18Aaron Giesel
  20. Saturday, August 19David Horvitz

Image: David HorvitzDisappear (still), Edition of 10, 2007, video