Between Worlds


Edward Cella Art & Architecture presents Between Worlds, a group exhibition exploring the nature of time and the elusiveness of memory through contending strategies of abstraction and figurative representation. Featuring new and recent works by Cathy Daley, Rema Ghuloum, Robert Gunderman, Tom McKinley, Brad Miller, Lester Monzon, Patti Oleon, Ruth Pastine, Alex Rasmussen, Aili Schmeltz, Chris Trueman and Amir Zaki; the exhibition included a diverse set of materials and processes including photography, sculpture, drawing and painting.

Since the creation of the first non-representative works of art more than a century ago; abstraction has grown as an enduring form of artistic expression and in parallel with the reinvention of representational practices in the 21st Century. In the pluralism of the contemporary moment, artists boldly adapt the languages of abstraction or figuration to their own sensibilities and aims. The work of the twelve artists featured draws from the diverse set of approaches to articulate personal sensibilities reflecting the exteriority of the landscape around them or the interiority of the mind and spirit. At the heart of this exhibition is the fundamental humanistic investigation of the world; where we find ourselves in it; and what we remember of the encounter. 

Artists Cathy Daley, Robert Gunderman, Tom McKinley, Brad Miller, Patti Oleon, Alex Rasmussen, and Amir Zaki orient themselves in relationship to the world around them, seeking intuitive visual understanding of the structures and patterns in the built and natural landscape. Through both painstaking physical labor or mechanically generated forms utilizing varying degrees of representational and abstracted vocabularies; these artists are breaking down the simplest of forms, sounding out and establishing their cultural and visual meanings in which memory plays a key role.

In contrast, Lester Monzon, Rema Ghuloum, Aili Schmeltz, Ruth Pastine, and Chris Trueman engage in the interiority of feelings, thoughts and responses to the human spirt and offer complex visual notations transcending figurative representation and iconography. Employing different techniques and gestures that bend the traditions of abstraction; time is represented not only through in duration of the artist's process of creation but also in the resulting phenomena formed. Ultimately, each artist creates a unique meditative object that that stand affirmatively in the present and beckons for viewers to slow and engage in the experience one on one.

Between Worlds, is the second of an on-going sequence of exhibitions curated by gallerist, Edward Cella in collaboration with the Thomas Lavin Showroom. Through regular presentation of new and notable contemporary artists; the ongoing series seeks to open a dialog between artists, designer professionals and collectors in Los Angeles and beyond.

Installed at the Thomas Lavin Showroom at the Pacific Design Center and curated by Edward Cella; the exhibition is available for viewing Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM with appropriate social distancing measures in place. A series of forthcoming live online conversations between the artists will be announced in early September.

Between Worlds, is presented concurrently with Kendell Carter: Excerpts from the Book of Love, which will remain on view only though August 31, 2020 and be replaced by another forthcoming solo exhibition project.


Thomas Lavin is a leader in bringing an international range of exclusive high-end home furnishings, fabrics, lighting, and accessories to Los Angeles. Founded in the year 2000 by Los Angeles Native Thomas Lavin. Over the years the Pacific Design Center showroom has grown to 19,000 square feet—including an additional 4,000 sq ft added in early 2019—which encompasses a stand-alone showroom for French heritage brand Liaigre. To better serve his clientele in Orange County, San Diego and the dessert communities, Lavin opened a showroom at the Laguna Design Center in 2014.


Edward Cella Art & Architecture is committed to supporting significant established, mid-career, and emerging artists, architects, and designers. Nurturing this hybridity, the gallery uniquely exhibits photography, painting, sculpture, architectural drawings, models, and design objects with an emphasis on the intersection of these disciplines. Edward Cella founded Edward Cella Art & Architecture in 2006, building on his background as an architectural historian with a decade of experience in art advisory and collection management and a passion for collecting architectural drawings and ephemera, as well as contemporary art and erotica. The gallery sustains a curatorial emphasis on discourses surrounding issues of cultural and conceptual significance and has represented historical and under-recognized estates and collections.