Adam Berg: Resonances

April 4 through June 3, 2022

Adam Berg: Resonances features a bold new series of paintings and related polished stainless-steel sculptures. Conjures the speculative mapping of cosmological dimensions and simultaneously the microscope and invisible domains of the dynamic systems of life the dazzling round paintings each emit color like fields of energy. Created during the worldwide flux of past two years, the works are neither representational nor symbolic of any state of affairs in the world but are visually reminiscent of a multitude of worlds in various cosmic scales.


Building on the artist’s dedicated practice investigating the interrelationships of art and science, Berg conceives of painting as a means of introducing concepts of scientific investigations into wider audiences and conversations. Encapsulating the essence of this new body of work, Berg entitles this project Resonance suggesting the expanded field of reverberations which he seeks to draw into his work. Incorporating mathematical, scientific, computational, and topological ideas – and specifically Sheaf theory which establishes connections between local and global properties of topological space.


Although created with only vigorous brushwork and the repetitive concentric strokes of Berg’s brushes, the painting operates as lush plasmatic images of distant worlds or the rotating and entwining patterns constructed by the most complex of computational algorithms. Each of the paintings within the system is titled AGI or Auto Generative Images which is the artist’s playful restatement of the term Artificial General Intelligence or more commonly referred to as AI (Artificial Intelligence). For Berg each of the works is sentient in its creation.

The paintings command my attention to what they, as self-emergent agents, want to become as opposed to me as the intervening agent (i.e.. painter) is telling them what I want them to become. The painting reveals itself to me and to the viewer, and together we (artist and viewer) generate our meaning and connections which constitute a resonance with the painting.