Expo Chicago 2018

Sep 10 - 17, 2017 
Booth 724

Edward Cella Art & Architecture will be debuting at the EXPO Chicago 2017 at Chicago’s Navy Pier in Booth 724. The gallery is uniquely positioned to present a focused exhibition of art, architectural drawings, and design objects at a time when EXPO Chicago has aligned with the Chicago Architecture Biennial for the first time.


The gallery will be presenting a selection of painting, photography, drawing, and sculpture by artists Alex Schweder, Jennifer Bolande, John Mason, Raúl Cordero, Jeffrey Vallance, Stephen Berens, and Pedro E. Guerrero. The gallery will also present drawings and prints by architects Richard Neutra, Buckminster Fuller, Lawrence Halprin, Stanley Tigerman, and Jimenez Lai with a brand-new glasswork by designer Alison Berger.