Homo Riot American


My work incorporates archetypal masculine imagery that is at once recognizable but is twisted and perverted into a surreal world of morphed pieces and parts.  It is my attempt at addressing the world today where there is no objective truth, where eyes and ears cannot be trusted, where facts are fungible and where genders are fluid.

Homo Riot is a painter, printmaker and photographer best known for his work as a street artist.  Work by the artist began appearing on the streets of Los Angeles in 2008 after the passage of Prop 8 in California.  As part of the burgeoning street art movement in Los Angeles at the time, Homo Riot’s imagery, charged with sexuality and activism, became immediately recognizable.  Homo Riot continues his activism and street work.  His work continues to be seen in cities around the world including London, Berlin, Lisbon and New York.  In 2019 he organized The Streets Are Queer gathering together thirty queer street artists for an exhibition in Los Angeles and his work has been featured in solo shows in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and Phoenix and numerous group shows. Homo Riot’s work is coveted by collectors and street art fans alike.