Mark Mack


Mark Mack’s growing career was established with a series of villas in Northern California as part of the partnership of BATEY&MACK between 1978 and 1984. He then established his own firm MACK Architect(s) in San Francisco in 1985, where the firm gained further recognition for its modern and colorful designs of residences, restaurants, commercial showrooms and cultural institutions. In 1993 MACK Architect(s) moved their practice to Venice Beach in Southern California.

The firm’s interest in housing, simple elegant forms and a brand of inclusive modernism has enabled many significant building commissions all over the world. Housing projects in Japan, Austria and South Korea established the firm’s reputation for an environmentally focused and user-oriented design approach. This variety of projects helped the firm stay conceptually focused while developing an updated approach to this elemental field of design. Recently this interest has been further reinforced by the research and application of wood based prefabrication technology in the creation of multifamily housing units.

Additionally, the firm designs urban projects and provides master planning services for large housing developments in Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia. MACK Architect(s) is predominately a design firm which seeks association with established local and international companies in order to engage in large scale and complex projects in many different categories: from residential, commercial, and hospitality buildings to cultural and interior design projects.

MACK Architect(s) projects have been published in hundreds of national and international journals including: Progressive Architecture, Architectural Record, Global Architecture, Casa Vogue, Abitare and Hauser to name a few. In addition, the work of MACK Architect(s) has been included in many exhibitions worldwide and enjoys recognition for its blend of architectural purity and humanizing atmosphere of color and materiality.
As the principal designer Mark Mack’s typological approach to design has always been informed by his academic interests and practice. He was Professor of Architecture at the University of California Berkeley and since 1993 has been a professor of architecture at the school of Architecture and Urban Design at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Additionally, he has been a member of the visiting design faculty at Harvard University, Rice University, University of Chicago, and Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-ARC). Mark was co-founder and editor of Archetype Magazine and has contributed numerous articles to such journals as the Harvard Architectural Review and Progressive Architecture.