Moritz Neuhoff German, b. 1987


As an artist I am continually questioning what form abstract painting can take today in order to maintain an even footing with our media environment and our media experiences. My paintings operate with the assurance that painting can simultaneously equate to what it can accomplish through the physical process of applying paint while at the same time radically undermining that process. On the one hand the painted gesture in my paintings seems like a direct trace of my body and the brush I use. Observers of my work might seem able to discern the tools and materials I use, and it would appear that I am lifting the curtain on my process. But on the other hand, these gestural traces – the heavily contoured three-dimensional brushstrokes that are first apparent in my painting – can also seem virtual or disembodied, even machine-made, and refuse to reveal how they came into being. In this dialectic between actual physicality and virtual appearance, my paintings resort to the characteristic core factors of painting: light, colour, space, movement and finally materiality itself.

Moritz Neuhoff (b 1987, Osnabrueck, Germany) is a painter focused on the relationships of the visual character of paint and its interweaving structures while testing our perception of color and light transformed by pictorial flow of new media and technology. Neuhoff earned his M.F.A at the Art Academy Münster under the mentorship of Professor Cornelius Völker. His work was recently featured in a solo exhibition at the Museum of Non-Objective Art, Otterndorf, Germany (2019) and several recent solo exhibitions at the Hengesbach Gallery, Wuppertal, Germany 2022, 2022, 2017). Neuhoff’s work has also been included in many recent group exhibitions including Lippe State Museum, Detmold, Germany (2022); Die Paul Ege Art Collection, Freiburg, Germany (2021); and in the prestigious exhibition Now! Young Painting in Germany at the presented at the Kunstmuseum Bonn, the Museum Wiesbaden, and the Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz – Museum Gunzenhauser and later at the Deichtorhallen Hamburg accompanied by substantial catalogue published by Hirmer (2019-20). Neuhoff’s work is also published in two recent monographs Moritz Neuhoff: Tangles Relations (Hengesbach Gallery, Wuppertal, Germany 2022) and Moritz Neuhoff: Apparent Magnitude (Museum Gegenstandsfreier Kunst, Ottendorf, Germany, 2019). Neuhoff lives and works in Berlin, Germany.