Mary Anna Pomonis American, b. 1973


Most surviving temples of the ancient world are exclusively masculine, both in name and iconography. My paintings utilize the language of light and space, sacred architecture, and textile forms to create divergent, ambiguous queer spaces that are no less sacred. The light, language, and form of historically sacred artwork was designed to move the body. I want my work to move through the viewer, creating a feeling of energy and possibility in a world mitigated by digital screens and societal filters. I appropriate images of textile patterns from Italy and Greece looking to connect through Missoni, Bargello and Reticella patterns with my own sacred iconography in order to create meditative objects that resonate.

Mary Anna Pomonis draws inspiration for her colorful hard edge abstract painting and performances as much from the ancient myths and religions of the Eastern Mediterranean as she does from her critical understanding of contemporary feminist art making practices. Currently preparing for a solo exhibition at Eastern Washington University Gallery, Spokane, WA (2023), Pomonis’ previous solo projects include Iris Oculus at the Lancaster Museum of Art and History, Lancaster, CA (2020); and Into Her at the Nan Rae Gallery at Woodbury University, Burbank, CA (2018). Her work has recently been exhibited in group exhibitions at Louis Stern Fine Art, Los Angeles (2022); Melissa Morgan Fine Art, Palm Spring (2022); Ladies Room, Los Angeles, CA (2021); Site, Brooklyn (2021); Seer Gallery, Chicago (2021); the Torrance Art Museum (2021); Durden and Ray, Los Angeles (2019); Charlie James Gallery, Los Angeles (2016) among others. Additionally, her curatorial projects and essays have been featured at commercial and institutional galleries, such as the Vincent Price Art Museum, The Whittier College Greenleaf Gallery, PØST, Peter Miller Gallery, and Circus Gallery. In 2015, Pomonis and Professor Annie Buckley of San Diego State University launched the website, focused on publishing writings and projects of teaching and social practice artists. Pomonis is also the founder of the Association of Hysteric Curators, a collective focused on advancing the lives of feminist artists. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Art Education at California State University Fullerton. Pomonis lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.